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PRP definition – plasma with a platelet concentration higher than the platelet concentration found in healthy whole blood (accepted as being at least 3 x baseline concentration)

PRP is often injected into areas within the body that have a poor blood supply to promote healing in these difficult to heal areas such as the plantar fascia (foot), achilles tendon (ankle), the rotator cuff (shoulder), tennis elbow and the patella tendon (knee). Also most joint surfaces and cartilage have a very poor blood supply so once injured, often the body cannot repair the damage on its own, which is one of the reasons why osteoarthritis becomes more progressive with time. PRP treatments are often used to treat healing and pain problems that have not responded to standard treatment approaches. The PRP treatment is performed in a doctor’s office and usually the procedure can be completed within one hour.

medical definition of prp

Many leading international researchers have agreed that PRP should be defined more precisely, and that the platelet concentration should be above 3x baseline levels found in whole blood to be labelled as PRP. This higher concentration of platelets provides a powerful cellular therapy of bioactive growth factors which are reported to promote healing by:

  • tissue regeneration and rejuvenation,
  • induction of cell differentiation,
  • extracellular matrix formation,
  • recruitment of other cells to the site of injury, and an increase in collagen production (which can increase skin thickness and overall skin health for skin rejuvenation procedures)

Exosomes (AnteAge)

Superficial injection of PRP for under eye treatments as well as topical application of PRP, exosomes and brightening solutions from AnteAge prior to and in conjunction with our Potenza RF Microneedling for enhanced results. Specifically for AnteAge exosomes and brightener please use the information on the following page of their website with attached resources to build the page as far as photos and verbiage is concerned. Specifically for PRP we only use it with our microneedling as a topical enhancement OR as a superficial cosmetic procedure for improvement of the appearance of under eyes.

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