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Laser Hair Removal

When you make looking your best an essential part of your life, you want to know that you’ve got every edge to keep you ahead. Here at Bella Vida Medspa, access to the latest tools and equipment is a priority. These tools are essential to providing the best treatments for the broadest range of clients. That’s where the Elite iQ system from Cynosure comes in. Using this incredible device, we can address unsightly veins, reduce scars, treat sun damage, and eliminate unwanted hair. Keep reading to learn what the Cynosure Elite iQ system can do for you.

Elite iQ Has A Wavelength For Everyone

There was a time when getting the best results from laser skin treatments or hair removal required your skin or hair tone to fall within a specific range. While anyone could benefit from laser-based treatments, the results were better in those with lighter skin and darker hair. The innovations available through the Elite iQ system laser hair removal skin resurfacing treatments that have been more effective than alternative options. That means that hair removal, sun damage treatment, scar reduction, and vein elimination can now be enjoyed by everyone.

The technology powering this innovation in care is the Skintel system. This technology allows the laser to read the level of melanin in your skin or hair and adjust the laser’s frequency to produce the best possible results. Whether your skin is pale as porcelain, well-tanned, or beautifully dark, you’ll experience an outstanding outcome. Hair thickness also used to be a barrier to hair removal, but this technology makes it possible to address the finest hairs to the coarsest. Every treatment delivered with Elite iQ is perfectly balanced for your skin and hair.

Receiving treatment with the Elite iQ Laser Hair Removal & Skin Surfacing System provides:

  • Lasers in 755 nm Alexandrite to 1064mm Nd:YAG wavelengths
  • Perfectly tailored treatments for every skin and hair type
  • Customizable settings for accounting for more extensive treatment areas from spot to wide pulse
  • The ability to automatically shift wavelengths throughout a single session

The number of treatments you’ll require will vary based on the extensiveness of your treatment area, the nature of your treatment, and the severity of your concern. Areas thick with hair or large areas of skin showing blemishes will result in longer treatment sessions and more treatments being required. Treatments with this system are virtually painless, with only minor side effects being commonly reported. Some redness and irritation may occur at the treatment site but will pass within a day or two.


If you’re embarrassed by the presence of excess hair or skin blemishes, it’s time to take action. When you reach out to our clinic at (951) 296-9988,  you’re taking control of your concerns. Our team will meet with you and discuss treatment options to address those imperfections that frustrate you. Together we’ll develop a treatment plan that will have you looking your absolute best! Call today and schedule your appointment at our Temecula, CA  office!

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