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BioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones are an essential substance in our body. They come in many forms and are responsible for regulating numerous aspects of our health and function. As we age, our hormones can become out of balance, with some hormones seeing lower production, with others showing higher rates. These fluctuations can produce imbalances that impact our mood, weight, ability to sleep, and more. Bella Vida Medspa provides Biote Hormone Replacement Therapy, a practical approach for rebalancing our hormones and getting us back on track to healthy living.

How BioTE Hormone Replacement Can Improve Your Health

The BioTE system is a BHRT, or bioidentical hormone replacement therapy approach that can be precisely designed for the individual patient’s needs. The process involves the application of tiny pellets that are specifically compounded to provide an influx of the precise hormones needed by the patient. Superior to pills or injections, this system gradually releases the hormone over time, helping to balance levels throughout the day. The hormones used within these pellets are bio-identical to those naturally occurring within your body.

Hormonal imbalances can produce a range of symptoms, and the BioTE pellet system can relieve these symptoms. Some examples of the improvements available with this hormonal treatment include:

  • Balanced Mood – Bringing hormones into balance can improve and stabilize mood.
  • Increase Energy – Lethargy and fatigue can be the results of hormone imbalances.
  • Improved Sleep – Sleep can be negatively impacted by imbalances in essential hormones.
  • Weight Loss – Hormones are essential to our weight loss process, and balancing produces improvements.
  • Mental Clarity – Brain fog is often the result of hormonal imbalances; treatment can help.
  • Restored Libido – Imbalances in our hormones can result in depressed libido. 

While bioidentical hormonal replacement can come in many forms, BioTE relies on a pellet delivery system. This is due to the numerous benefits of this form of treatment. The primary struggle faced by patients receiving BHRT using injections or pill-based treatment is an inconsistency in hormonal levels, results, and side effects. Many patients report struggling with a rollercoaster-like effect, where they begin experiencing an escalation of both benefits and side effects at the time of receiving treatment. Near the middle of the period between treatments, the hormonal levels begin to decline, and the results with them.

This rollercoaster is caused by the gradual onset and waning of the hormonal levels they receive from treatment. Pellet-based treatments avoid this by providing a gradual but steady administration of hormones throughout the treatment period. This results in little or no variance in the amount of hormones the patient has in their system after they become balanced by the first treatment.

Learn More About BioTE Hormone Replacement With Bella Vida Medspa

Are you ready to learn what BioTE hormone replacement therapy can do for you? Contact our team at (951) 296-9988 today to schedule a consultation. You’ll discuss your symptoms and concerns with one of our providers. Testing will be performed to determine if BioTE hormone replacement will provide the results you’re hoping for. Your journey to overall better health starts with a stop at our clinic in Temecula, CA.

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